Lemmy Sanders
Lemmy Sanders is a well-loved cat who happens to look fantastic in hats. He is photographed by his human companion, Dominique Sanders.
Lemmy Sanders
When crafting a kitty wig, it is imperative that you use only 100% genuine cat hair.
"All right he’s scratchin’ it right now…cuttin the record back and forth against the needle. Back and forth, back and forth, makin’ it scratch… But let me tell you somethin’, don’t try it at home with your Dad’s stereo…only under hip-hop supervision"
Thank you Nana for bringing me this hat all the way from Chile. It really helps with my June Gloom grumps.
HE NOSE he looks good.
I mustache ask you…do I look good?
Lemmy lookin’ lovely
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Lemmy says,”remember to love your cat!”
It’s bikini season already?!
Angel kitty.